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We boost the environmental performance of companies 

offering collaborative and individualized solutions

About Us

We are a consultancy company committed to sustainable and responsible transformation in the business world. Our approach is guided by the conviction that sustainability is not just a commitment, but a constant journey towards a more responsible future.

We firmly believe in integrating business strategy with sustainable development objectives.

Every step we take is carefully planned to contribute not only to economic success, but also to the well-being of the planet and society as a whole. At Ecologika, we align our actions with global sustainability goals, recognizing the crucial role that companies play in building a more equitable and environmentally conscious future.



support sustainability certification

Qualified professionals

Certification support

• Preparation of documentation

• Team training

• Internal audit

Basic and Specific Trainings

Qualifications and Skills


Specific training

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Waste Management

Waste Prevention and Recycling

• Solutions for Downcycling or Upcycling

• Preparation of waste management plans

• Implementation of waste management

Guiding principles


Boost the environmental performance of companies

Vision 2030 

Be recognized as a reference company in the market.


.trust . ethics and transparency. passion

. collaboration . quality . results


Baía do Tejo Business Park, Rua 2, Building no. 23, 2830-302 Barreiro

+351 913588748

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