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Certification support

certification support

At Ecologika, we believe that sustainable certification is a fundamental step towards raising companies' environmental standards. We offer comprehensive support in three essential steps:

  • Preparation of Documentation: We guide your company in preparing solid documentation in line with certification standards. We commit to creating a comprehensive set of documents that not only meets your requirements but also highlights your dedication to sustainability.

  • Team Formation: We understand that a well-trained team is crucial to the success of certification. We offer adaptable training programs, providing expert knowledge on certification requirements, ensuring your team is prepared to face challenges and implement sustainable practices effectively.

  • Internal Audit: Our approach includes carrying out detailed internal audits. We work closely with your team to identify areas for improvement and ensure all processes are aligned with certification standards. Internal auditing is a valuable tool for ensuring ongoing compliance and constant improvement.

Who do the actions apply to?Oare you?

  • Companies seeking a tangible demonstration of their commitment to social and environmental responsibility;
  • Companies seeking differentiation in the market; 
  • Companies seeking new markets and customers;
  • Companies seeking operational efficiency and cost reduction.
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