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Prevention and Waste Recycling

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Solutions for downcycling (reconversion of waste into new materials or products with reduced functionality) and upcycling (creative reuse, transforming waste into new materials of greater value). Our commitment covers:

  • Preparation of Waste Management Plans: We develop personalized strategies for efficient and sustainable waste management, considering the specific needs of your company or project.

  • Implementation of Waste Management through the ACERTE o CERTO Program: We put the elaborate plans into practice, ensuring the integration of responsible practices from the generation to the final disposal of waste. Our goal is to not just meet, but exceed sustainability expectations.

environmental education


We are committed to promoting environmental awareness through:

Preparation of Booklets: We develop educational materials that go beyond simple legal requirements. Our playbooks are designed to transform not just regulatory obligations, but also the specific programs and plans identified by our clients. We are committed to providing educational resources that inform, inspire and catalyze change, aligned with your organization's sustainability goals.

Organization of Environmental Events: Environmental awareness comes to life through our events. We use games, scientific experiments, lectures and technical visits to engage the public in an interactive and educational way. Additionally, our themed events are planned based on specific needs identified by our clients or aligned with national and/or global requirements.

Who do the actions apply to?Oare you?

  • Businesscompanies that recognize the need to minimize the environmental impact of their operations, promoting more sustainable practices;
  • Companies seek these services to ensure compliance with legal requirements and avoid penalties associated with inappropriate waste disposal;
  • Companies that want to raise awareness among their employees;
  • Companies that care about the positive environmental impact generated by their operations are often perceived more favorably by consumers, which can result in brand loyalty;
  • Companies seeking to implement downcycling and upcycling processes to optimize the use of resources, reducing dependence on virgin raw materials;
  • Companies that seek to align their practices with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Responsible waste management directly contributes to goals related to environmental sustainability.
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